New and Improved

I'm hoping to make blogging a profitable experience.  I just need to find my niche.  I want to share my life and experiences with people.  Some studying is required.  I shall return with new and improved ideas to make this the best share-worthy blog it can be!  I'm thinking it to be fashion/lifestyle related.  I … Continue reading New and Improved



His fingers hovered above my skin just enough to tease.  It wasn't until contact was finally made I realized how badly I missed it.  I tried to stay as still as I could and kept my breathing shallow so he wouldn't know I was awake.  Once the weight of his head landed on my stomach … Continue reading Fragmented

Rocky Waters

As of late, my life has been about keeping my head above water.  I have so many stories bursting out of me like a broken sun.  My solar flares are reaching points of no return.  Once I've given up that story, that part of myself, it's a piece of my life ripped away.  I'm breaking … Continue reading Rocky Waters