The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan


17826095Kristine Speare‘s review


Holy crap, you guys. This book was insane. I’m gonna need a minute or two before I can put my emotions into words.

Okay, so this book is about a DA named Stephanie. Stephanie is stuck in a lackluster marriage, so she does what any sane woman would do.. She has an affair! At first I didn’t like that she was cheating on her husband and it turned me off of the book a little bit, so I had to put it down. But as I picked it back up again and continued to read, I realized it was pertinent to the storyline and it just made for such a thrilling tale.

Now, I am very picky about erotic novels because some authors make sex scenes so dang cheesy. I just don’t understand why some authors think that these sexual scenarios actually ever happen. I have been guilty of rolling my eyes numerous times while reading “erotica,” but this book did a pretty good job of avoiding my gag-reflex. (No sexual pun intended.) Another thing that bothers me about erotic novels-sex overkill. *Cough, cough. Fifty Shades of Grey, cough.* However, I thought this book was very well-balanced. It wasn’t all sex sex sex, which would have had me ripping my hair out if it was. Don’t worry, hair still attached to head.

The only thing that really bothered me about this book, was the lack of character development. It just kind of jumps right into the story without ever really introducing the characters or giving us a chance to get to know them. I didn’t feel as attached to the characters as I would have, had there been more development. It was really not that big of a deal though, I got over it pretty quickly and enjoyed the book.

It took me a little bit to get into this book, so if you decide to pick it up (which I recommend you do) make sure you give it a chance. There is a twist at the end that will completely take you by surprise and rock your world. Happy reading! 🙂

✳ Copy was provided by the author for an honest review.


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