History Unchanging

a small girl with auburn hair matching her father’s beard

sits with her back against her bedroom door

a small girl with blue eyes reflecting the lake outside her house

listens to a war waging

a small girl with porcelain skin

allows tears to flow freely out of her ocean eyes

a small girl with a smile brighter than sunshine

hears as her mother breaks

a small girl too young to be leaned on

tries pick up the broken shards

a small girl with cracks in her foundation

promises herself she’ll be whole

 a small girl too young to understand

never gives up hope

but as she grows

she still sits with her back against her bedroom door

with empty eyes

she still listens to a never-ending battle

her alabaster skin

feels no sting of tears as her eyes run dry

without light in her life

she stumbles in the darkness

reaching for a hand to hold

she swipes at empty air

with a chained heart

she lets no one in

with history unchanging

she finally understands

picking up the broken shards of another

will only get yourself cut in the process


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