footprints trail behind me

leaving my mark in the sparkling sand

soon it will be the only proof left of my existence

along with the scars i have induced

water rushes to meet my toes

as my thoughts lead me out to sea

the water pulls me under

and salt burns my lungs

i am suffocated by the destruction that i cause

cutting off the circulation of those who get too close

tormented by every painful memory

i give up hope

i’m drowning in my heartache

in the blood of the brokenness i’ve caused

all it will take

is just letting go

but in my head i hear his voice

“breathe, hold on to this life”

stripping myself of every doubt of my worth

crushing the guilt that consumes me

letting the pieces of my old self fall away

i break the surface




(Inspired by the book Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan.)


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